Elements of a Great Modern Country Kitchen

The great modern country kitchen has become an icon. Its no wonder. As the hub of the home it captures feelings of warmth, family and security that every home wants. There’s an old time grandeur that exists in this style we all gravitate to and love.

Stripped down to sleek essentials, this kitchen is being embraced by other decorating styles for its proportions and grace. Do you need a large space to get the same look? It helps. Who doesn’t want a large modern country kitchen? But its not necessary. Even small gallery kitchens can use these elements and get the same cozy feel.

The secret to a modern country kitchen is to mix it up with elegant contrasts with beautifully crafted country pieces. The rustic country kitchen, elegant French and Italian kitchens and modern kitchen have merged, with rough and super smooth surfaces side by side.

Contrasting white elegant chairs with a rustic dining table is a perfect example. But that’s not all. The clutter, like too much chintz, has gone giving rooms a modern clean feel.

The overly restrained minimalist look from the city has taken the stuffing out of overstuffed sofas and armchairs. Busy floral patterns have been replaced by raw timbers, whitewashed wood, smooth patina cabinets, exposed beams, open shelves, modern bar stools and wood paneling.

Internal barn doors, whitewashed timber and wood paneling are some of the elements of a country kitchen plus elements like modern industrial pendant lights, flat-panel cabinets and updated bar stools. This new iconic modern country kitchen is a hybrid of so many classic looks.

While a modern country kitchen willingly places contrasts side by side, there is no clutter. Rustic farm chairs live under a highly polished dining table and exposed beams sit beside modern lighting pendants.  Details found in French and Italian country farmhouses such as curved plaster hoods, barn-wood ceilings and barn doors that dominate becomes focal points and features.

Living spaces are opened between the kitchen and living room mixing rustic barn wood patinas to feel like a barn conversion full of country charm.
One big feature is the use of horizontal wide-plank paneling. Use it on kitchen islands, feature walls or ceilings. The texture creates a warm, relaxed feel throughout. Another feature is using modern lighting fixtures like pendant lights in country style decor. Each contrast pits old against new and transforms the space, creating sharp contrasts and highlights where none existed. Here are a few more modern country kitchen looks to use in your kitchen and give it that country flavor.

Traditional country style cabinets have a lot of detail. You can create this detail in your cabinetry by installing cabinet doors that have a face frame. If uppers are difficult to install, you can use floating shelves in any wood tone as a contrast and also create a feature.

For many darker timber cabinets and doors can look feel heavy. These can be painted or replaced with alternative paint colors for a more modern feel or use milk paint or chalk paint for a more antique look. Light or dark gray, off white and white, are all popular colors. But don’t ignore navy or dark green for kitchen statements.

Create antique style cabinet doors by chalk painting and waxing door fronts that show off cabinet door details or replace your old doors with modern, minimalist with sleek doors.

Updated Stone, Concrete or Timber Counter Tops
If you are updating your kitchen consider using a contrasting material such as stone, concrete or timber for your kitchen island and counter tops. From dark grays, charcoal and blacks to lighter grays, and every shade of wood, these can make the perfect counter top. If you cabinets are dark, consider having lighter counter tops and glass upper doors to give you more natural light.

If your cabinets are light balance them with a similar or darker material. You need to have some contrast. How much is up to you and the size of your kitchen.

A classic color choice is gray counter tops with white cabinets and as long as you your pieces mix up old with new, your kitchen will look both country and modern.

Modern Country Kitchen Appliances
Depending on your budget and taste, you can select anything from country style appliances painted with colored enamel or modern stainless steel appliances and both look perfect in a modern country kitchen.

Your kitchen will not look out of place if you select appliances that are not in keeping with your kitchen color scheme.

Farmhouse Sinks & Taps

The kitchen sink is one of the major pieces in a country kitchen. Apron style concrete and porcelain farmhouse sinks are a great addition to any modern country kitchen. Ornate taps or simple farmhouse style taps will help to create the modern country kitchen feel.

Would you be wrong if you used a stainless steel sink? No, not at all. You can use a brushed silver or dark copper ornate tap for darker which contrast beautifully with a modern sink.

Kitchen Lighting
Lighting in any kitchen is important and in the case of modern country kitchens, you can change the style and look of your kitchen instantly. Make sure you have enough task lighting over the sink as well as the oven and kitchen island.

Would you be wrong if you used a stainless steel sink? No, not at all. You can use a brushed silver or dark copper ornate tap for darker which contrast beautifully with a modern sink.

Lighting, along with kitchen islands has become a major feature. Using lighting with an older classic design, even from other styles but using modern materials, will give you the perfect look for your country kitchen.

Industrial pendant lights, glass bell-jar pendants attached over the kitchen island is a great way to blend a feature with task lighting. In the end, a modern country kitchen looks great and is perfect for entertaining family and friends.